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Hello All!

I have been raising Iguanas for the past 8 or so years; what started out as my over thrilled attitude about my daughters finally becoming avid animal/nature lovers like their mom, me, I wind up being the owner of four dogs, a cat and the Iguanas, all of which started out being my daughters pets.

Any how, besides the fact Chameleons eat live food and need proper lighting like my Iguanas, which don't by the way eat live food, I'd like to know if you folks can fill me in on some basics on these funny characters. I plan on getting one, but unlike my other inhereted beloved pets, I want to be better prepared for my future Chameleon. I will do my research of course, but, nothing like having first hand advice from folks who have them.

Thanks so very much,

Hi Flo,

Not sure why your post ended up at the bottom of the super worm question.. but welcome to the forums! I have owned iguanas in the past also, and there are some pretty major differences in keeping them. To get you started, there is one web site in particular that will give you good general knowledge if you read all the back issues:

The Basics: (can we get a sticky on the basics, Brad?)

1) Screened enclosure, size appropriate for age and species of your chameleon

2) Misting device- you can use anything from a hand held spray bottle to an automated system purchased from a number of online retailers. FYI- Habba Misters don't work well as a misting system. They only mist for one minute at a time, and chams need a minimum of 10-15 minutes.

3) Lighting- ZooMed 5.0 and a regular household lightbulb for basking, around a 60 watt for the more commonly kept species.

4) Drainage system that will remove the standing water created by 2 or 3 fifteen minute long misting sessions a day.

5) Collection of size appropriate insects to use as feeders. Variety is key to good health and continued interest from your chameleon. Here is a site that gives a good list of feeders:

6) Supplements- A good mineral supplement such as Rep-Cal Herptivite or Sticky Tongue's Minerall. Good calcium supplement, one with D3 and one without. Lots of keepers use Rep-Cal.

My favorite "basic" chameleon keeping book is by Linda J. Davison, called Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding. It is a little out of date, mainly in the lighting section, but still a valuable resource.

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