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i purchased a veiled chameleon today because i couldn't resist his little face. my husband and i have been talking about getting one for the past year or so (we also have beardies/leopard geckos/corn snakes) and i finally caved. after walking past probably 20 or so in the past year (mostly jacksons) i ran into a veiled this morning and left to go set up a habitat. we returned for him(checked for spurs before buying one ) after setting everything up. i read that live plants were the best so we picked up a small hibiscus, a ficus, and a pothos.

basically i was just posting to ask if this setup looks okay for him right now?


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Its fine, but it needs more foliage so he can hide. He needs multiple places to bask also and bigger and taller plants.
thanks for the quick response! yeah we were planning on getting another tall plant and some more vines. couldn't find one before the store closed early since it was sunday.
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