New veiled cham (by Dez), Dragon Strand breeder series, arcadia lights, & mistking


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I have my new male veiled chameleon from Dez and figured I'd get some pictures up of his setup and him. I also wanted to review the products. He seems to be doing pretty well, though I still need to get a name for him. Pictures are below.

I previously purchased this setup to get started on breeding flap-necked chameleons, though that is on hold. I have a larger 2'x2'x4' screen cage for this guy once he gets big enough, and at that time can see about possibly getting some flap-necked.

The cage he is in is the medium tall breeder series (18"x18"x36") by Dragon Strand with their laying bin under. For the veiled, there is screen over the soil so he can't eat it at this time. The customer service of Dragon Strand is amazing. I actually found them on facebook and he showed me to the forums here as well as answered a lot of questions before hand. Shipping was very quick. There was a minor defect with the cage when it arrived, mostly cosmetic, possibly partially structural. It was definitely not his fault, had to do with shipping, and he did package it well. When notified, he went above and beyond making sure everything was taken care of. I have no hesitation buying from him again or referring other people to his cages.

I also bought my light fixture from I got the dual T5 light fixture 36" w/ 6% arcadia and 6.5k bulbs. I got this size so it will service 2 of the Dragon Strand breeder cages. His customer service and desire to help and educate is excellent. Another one I hope to do business with in the future. The costs are more up front, however I think cheaper in the long run and should be better.

Finally, I got the mist king setup because I don't like having to do a ton extra. The mistking is easy to setup and I haven't really had any issues with it. Definitely worth getting even if you only have 1 cage at the time. I have it setup to mist as you can see in the picture. He doesn't seem to mind too much and I have seen him drink, however I am going to try setting it up to cause it to rain and observe the difference.

And finally. The veiled is very friendly. Dez was wonderful to work with. Shipping had no issues. I am super excited to see him grow and see how he looks. I hate that he mostly only like crickets at the moment :( Hopefully as he gets bigger that will change. I breed plenty of dubia roaches and have started breeding mealworms and superworms. He doesn't care for any of them much. The crickets I bought and he loves them, I don't :( oh well

-=- And now for pics -=-

When he arrived

First introduced to his setup

From today

Cage setup

Pothos plant with baby tears as ground cover in pot

Feeder cup I made (more pictures of making it if anyone wants)

And 2 of him climbing around
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Congrats on you new baby! Dez is the best! I have a few of his siblings here with me. They were great grand's of my Luie and Camille. :)


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Congrats on your new chameleon. My new veiled came from Dez and Jann so they might be related :)


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Congrats on you new baby! Dez is the best! I have a few of his siblings here with me. They were great grand's of my Luie and Camille. :)
This is part of why I jumped on it. I loved how she posted the family tree back multiple generations to yours and her originals. I have no desire to breed veiled or anything, but just being able to see the parents and all like that is great and made me jump on it sooner then I would have otherwise probably :p


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You can't go wrong with Dez or Jann babies, they are really special, they come out relaxed after being shipped, accustomed to people and look at their general health. Congrats and enjoy your new addition.
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