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I am so glad to have found this site. Now, I feel like I have some back up in my new venture with our new Veiled Chameleon.

I have always wanted an "old world" Chameleon. Always as in since I was a kid, and that was pretty long ago...but my parents were less than keen on the idea then, and during the busy years of career building and child rearing, and a husband who thought having reptiles in the house was "dirty". Years past, and I would look longingly at them in stores, or zoos...until, I realized that divorce had solved yet ANOTHER issue for me!:D

I have done my reading, and set up a screen enclosure (18x18x36) with the UVB light, basking lamp, have the ficus, vines, and a dripper bottle, and filtered water in my water spray bottle. I buy my crickets and feed them with the calcium based water jello, dry cricket food, and whatever fruit and vegie we and the rabbit are eating that day. I did offer him a couple meal worms, but he has steadfastly ignored them.

I found a reptile store with a good reputation (at least that's what I've heard) and they have been around for years.

I bought a baby veiled. I think he is very young. He looks like the pictures of babys that I see on internet postings as being a couple months old. I've had him just over a week.

We named him "Dipped in Butter" as we figured that our dogs would like him served that way....

I spray the cage down until the majority of leaves on the plant are very wet, and I offer him crickets in a low bowl that also has some romaine and thinly sliced fruit or vegies to encourage the crickets to stay there, and in case he wants to eat vegetation.

I have seen him eat a few crickets, but never have I SEEN him lick leaves, or water. He is a lovely kelly-lime green color, and I have not seen any other coloration on him. He puffs up a bit when I stick my hand in there to clean up, is active during the day (well as active as I would expect him to be) and puts himself "to bed" on a lower twig around 9pm every night.

What else should I be doing ?

Thanks in Advance.
Sounds like you are doing a good job to me! Do you set up your dripper in the AM for 'him' to drink from most of the day?
If 'he' is only lime green with no other colors on it your boy may instead be a girl! Male Veilds will have brown, orange, yellow, white bars on em, lime green only usually means girl... Check out the photos in here and you will be able to tell em apart very easily!

Congragz and good luck!
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