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Hey everyone! c: I think it's okay to post freely? I've used forums before but every one has their own rules, please just let me know otherwise.

One week ago I purchased my first Veiled Chameleon. He's a little baby boy named Caine. I can tell he'll be a fun challenge since he's been testing me with a little aggression. :b I read that they are the most aggressive breed of chameleon, but I'm sure with proper care and low or appropriate handling they are good little guys.

So I just wanted to share with everyone a little about Caine, maybe people with more experience might have some friendly advice or tips. c:

So he's a feisty thing, I believe only 2 months old maybe. Petco couldn't give me an exact number to go by. Our first week together has been a little rocky, I had to make a few changes to his cage as well as move it. [ Someone took back my dresser, lol. ] So the poor guy was probably stressed by all that, and I was a bit worried to not see him eating the first two days. But I think he finally got settled and started trying to hunt those little crickets. [ The pet store recommended only little crickets while they're babies, since I wasn't sure. ] So then I decided to give holding him a go. He was fine the first couple times but I noticed he began to get aggressive, very dark and snappy. I assumed I was demanding too much handling time so I've lowered it to once a day around night time. [ I find him calmer then probably because he's sleepy...but I hope it's okay to handle them while they're sleepy. ] I'm sure he's not used to me yet at all, and I might even cut back on the handling too. Hand feeding him isn't going too well, he seems too shy to even look at my fingers. But I just try it once a day just so he can see that my hand offers him food. The first morning I spotted him have a few sips of water made me so excited, lmao.

Having the humidity at a comfortable spot for him is so hard. :c His cage is a bit dry all the time, but if I mist it it's just swamped, and the humidity doesn't rise much. But I'm busting my butt keeping it at a nice place for him, since they're sensitive. Would anyone have tips about humidity? I have a large glass tank. [ I might switch to the tall mesh one? I've heard good and bad things about both types of chameleon cages. :s ]

Anyway, he's a doll. I'm learning very quickly and trying to remember to give him his time and space, but still having a positive attitude about establishing trust between us.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Caine. c:


^ He was very camera shy except for the sleeping one, so the photo session didn't last that long, lol.

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Welcome to the forum!! you've come to the right place for care info on chams and good people :)

he's a handsome little guy! i would say two or three months as well :) does he have a small spur on the heel of his back feet? a little bump on the heel? this shows that he is a male, females dont have them!

here a link to our Chameleon Care Resources, they are packed with accurate info on the care and husbandry for chameleons and caresheets for individual species.

its completely normal for them not to eat for a week or even two after being brought into a new enviroment while they get used to it so dont stress! its also recommended to give them that time to get settled in before handling that way it wont be as stressful for them. the best way to get them to trust you is starting with hand feeding and working in handling as you go :) this is a link to a blog on taming chams, has lots of good tips!

as for the humidity, how often are you misting? does the cage have air strips for ventilation? glass cages have been used with success however it is often recommended to use a large screen cage for proper ventilation.

glad to have you and Caine here! if you have any questions, always ask as we are here to help all we can :D

also, its a bit hard to read the pink txt just to let you know!! when i first clicked on the thread i thought it was blank :p
Oh nooo! /ditches pink for purple. Hope that is better!

Thank you for the links, I love trying to find new places to read about chameleon care and handling. c:

Yes he does have his little spur on his back foot. I've always favored male animals over females, not sure why. :b Giving them some time to settle into their home before handling them sounds like a good idea! Maybe for now I'll switch to just trying the hand feedings, maybe he will feel less stressed with just one type of interaction going on.

When I was getting the supplies, I was recommended a glass tank, the only part of it that has a screen is the top. I'm really thinking about switching to a different cage soon, so like you can get more ventilation. I have to mist his cage maybe 3 or 4 times a day, and his drip system is always or mostly running. I wouldn't say the cage is damp but it shouldn't be that moist with such low humidity readings? I feel like I'm having a hard time keeping the humidity inside his cage. :c

But thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate it. c: Can't wait to get more used to the forum, the first few days are always wobbly and awkward, lol.

Welcome! What are you using to measure humidity? It's always good to use a couple of probes, just so you know if one is faulty. What the temperature in the glass tank, it can get hot really quick. What type of drainage do you have in the tank? You said the dripper runs all day and you mist. You don't want standing water or constantly damp conditions, especially in a glass aquarium because it can lead to RI or other infections. Caine is a cute lil guy!
Definently switch to a mesh cage. And up your misting per day to 8 or more. :) you should have success in raising the little guy! :) a good website for cages to try is they are great!
Hey there, welcome to the forum. I'm new here too. This is a great place, i have learned so much on here and the people are nice and very helpful. I recently just finished my cage and I have a live plant in there which helps out the humidity alot, and also if u have the dripper going on the plant it will water it and give your cham water to drink at the same time. Hope this helps

Forgot to mention, I would also recommend a drainage system.

Thanks everyone for your replies and comments. c: And the welcomes!

To measure the humidity and temperature I have THESE. The temperature near his basking lamp is usually around 85 to 90. His basking log is almost a foot underneath the actual light. [ I read that when they're this young they shouldn't have the heat too high? ] I saw him with his mouth open once and I think the heat was too high for him. Although I think that's their way of cooling off or getting more moisture. Right now the drainage in my tank is me, lmao. I empty the water myself, a drainage system did not get recommended to me. I think I need to look into this drainage system because he probably doesn't want me inside his cage for maintenance so often. I also wouldn't want anything terrible to happen to him with the standing water since he's just a baby. And yes he is! Hehe.

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Thanks for your opinion! The screen cage really does sound nicer. But is it harder to control the humidity if it's made of the screen material? I would think that there would be no way for the moisture to stay inside the cage with so much ventilation, but I could be completely wrong. And I'll be sure to check that site as well, thank you.

Thanks and yes so far I agree it is a nice place with friendly, helpful people. c: The live plant sounds wonderful, and yes my drip system cascades onto his artificial plants so he can lick up the water drops. I might look into a live plant sometime, I love the idea.

I'll definitely be looking into the screen cage and drainage system, anything to make the little one more comfortable! And safe.

Hello, and welcome to the forums! :) You've got a great looking little guy there! You already have some great links to info about husbandry techniques and such, but just wanted to say hello. So, just to make sure you are getting the best advice possible (not from the pet store :eek: because they are not usually the best source) what kind of lighting are you using? Sounds like you have a basking lamp set up, but do you have something for UVB light? Also, make sure that the urate of the droppings is bright white. This is a good sign of proper hydration. Let us know if you have any questions and again, welcome to the forums! :cool:
Thank you for the welcome! I've just recently realized that the pet store really doesn't supply such good tips or advice. My lighting consists of a basking lamp and a UVB light. His urate looks lovely, lol. Thank you for your concern. c:

Here's a few more pictures of the little guy.


Yesterday was the first time he ate from my hand, I was so excited. He's getting very good at hunting his crickets now, I was wondering at what age is good to start introducing new foods, and if so what type of foods?

The humidity is much better btw! Just going to work on switching to another cage and a drainage system.

ALSO, the second picture shows him with a beautiful dark pattern. He is sleeping in that picture. [ Not playing dead, lol. I hold him at night when he becomes sleepy, then he waddles onto a branch and goes to bed. ] I was wondering what that pattern means? I was guessing it has something to do with heat perhaps?

Adding live plants to a screen cage will help with humidity. They do not need constant high humidity but peaks throughout the day so three mistings a day will be fine as long as he is hydrated.

It is bet not to handle him for the first few weeks whilst they settle in especially if he is reluctant to eat. You will probably find humidity is better in a screen cage.
Yeah, the handling is at a minimum right now don't worry, I'm a very patient person. But now he's all set with eating, he hunts those little crickets like a pro, lmao. Soon I will be switching to the screen cage and I think a little bit down the road I want to look into live plants. I don't feel like I'm ready for that yet.
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