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Hello everyone!

I have been reading from this forum for quite a while, and finally thought i take the 5 minutes to register so that I may post. I see I know alot of you from other forums, but as for the rest of you, I just wanted to introduce myself and give a friendly hello. While I am new to these forums, I am not that new to chameleons, but theres always plenty more to learn about anything, especially chameleons. I have been keeping chameleons since I was 11 years old. I have worked with several species, but panthers seem to be my favorite, for now anyway. I currently work with a breeding group of 35+, and growing. Hopefully I will be posting here alot more, and I will get to know alot of other chameleon keepers alot better. Have a great night everyone. :D

Adam Weglarz.
Snail Tail Inc.
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Hello Adam,

Welcome to the forums! Aren't you the owner of Ank Inc. as well? Or, is this a name change for your business?

Yes, actually I am. I decided to change my name since we are somewhat straying away from the ankaramy locale. We still keep some, but they are not our primary locale anymore.

Snail Tail Inc.
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