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Just wanted to stop and say hello. Ive been reading here for months getting all the info needed for the Veiled we got my son for xmas. Ive had a cham in the past many many years ago - and wish I had so much info back then, amazing thing the Internet! Anyway thanks to all of you that I have already learned so much from!

Look forward to posting more soon...
Welcome to the board Beth. You've come to the right place for just about every answer you could ever want about chams so feel free to ask and good luck with your new baby!
new to the forums

This forum has a lot of information because it is exclusively for chameleon owners. I know what you mean about the innernet.I would have not even been into chameleons had I not done my research first. You can ask any question and usually within a day someone will answer you. I also enjoy the photo contest every month.
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