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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Carla. I am the new proud owner of a juvinelle male veiled. His name is Sayid. I got him last Thurs. 03/17. He adapted to his habitat wonderfully and ate within an hour. The first few days he played hide-n-seek, then up graded to peek-a-boo. Now I can talk to him, take photos, and reach in his home without a panic. I have only handled him twice, I do not want to stress him. The first time he striped out with his darker colors but the next time he stayed a beautiful lime green. I do have one courious question....I read somewhere if you were to cup feed not to use a tranparent cup so they don't injure tongue trying to get his food....I am not cup feeding but yesterday a fly was between the light and the screen and he tried to get it....won't that injure his tongue? And if so how do I prevent that, as always bugs are attracted to the light....
Looking forward to lots of info!! Thanx:p
Welcome! Shooting at solid objects like the screen may injure his tongue, but if you are feeding the right amounts, the likeliness of him getting hurt is pretty slim. My veil used to shoot at his clear cup once and he's OK.
I think I read on another thread that your supposed to color the outside of the clear cup so that he/it doesnt try to shoot for the feeder throught the side of the cup but only from the inside. I maybe wrong or mis interpreted so take it with some caution or just use a pre colored cup, like a bird feeding cup maybe?
Yep, I use bird feeder cups, and they work well for me....when they actually decide they want to cup feed. Stubborn I'm telling you, anyhow, WELCOME! :)
I am not cup feeding, I let him hunt his crickets and stuff and try to hand feed him mealworms which he is not to found of just My concern was the fly between his screen cage and the UV light. He smacked the screen with his tongue, trying to get the fly. How to you prevent bugs from coming to the light and him wanting to eat them.....He is fed well, I assume....he is about 3 months old, eating 2/3" crickets...I give him 5 in the am and 5 in the pm, only twice I have found an uneaten cricket that he ended up eating later..
Welcome to the forum! My veiled’s have no problems with the transparent cups at all. I watch them like a hawk and no issues. Maybe hang one of those ugly fly catchers up! Thats all I can think of.
My UVB light is right on top of the screen so I guess flies can't get underneath. That and I just don't have flies in my house!
LOL....Mine is ontop also but there is alittle space where they can get under....Unfortunetly I live is the woods of Central Florida, and we do not smoke in the house, so in the evening when the door opens the creatures like to fly in, they love the porch light! But now I have a friend who can eat them...hahaha
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