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Hey guys wanted to introduce myself and leave some pics of my little one



Thanks man his name is iggy and he is 5 months old and he is my third chameleon. Been out of the reptile scene a few years but he is my first panther, I've had jackson and veiled chameleons also a few years back.
Thanks guys he is starting to get his colors he has this aqua color almost all over his body and he is starting to get red dots in his belly and some red over his eyes.

He has a cage but i free range him everyday and every time he comes out he turns really light and white as you can see in the pics.

Thanks for the warm welcome
Thanks bebo hope to be joining you guys in the states soon im planning on moving from puerto rico to florida.
Welcome to the forum. Your lil guy looks awsome.
I hope you enjoy he site and have a good time participating.
We have a good bunch here. LoL
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