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Hello Everyone!!

First time posting here, but I'm not new to forums. I'm a frequent visitor to a ball python forum.

I have had my Veiled for just over a year now, and he seems to be just fine, but I'm hoping that visiting here I will be able to perfect my husbandry skills with him.

I also have an 05' Hatched Ball Python that is just gorgeous and I've only had her for about a month so she's getting a lot of the attention right now. But having finally perfected her enclosure I'm looking to update my Veiled's.

Any hints/tips on what type of enclosure I should buy/make. Right now he's in a 36"x24"x16" Light steel framed mesh enclosure. Sly is about 14"-16" Long and hasn't really grown in a while.

There are a few things that leading me to make a change and that is that while I have his temps bang on, I don't feel the humidity is high enough with daily misting. I mist multiple times a day. I know it's too low b/c he really doesn't shed as often as I feel he probably should be.

Other than that he eats/drinks/and has a pretty nice diposition as far as wanting to come out and sit by the window:p

Thx for any help.

:EDIT: Oh, and he doesn't seem to like to be misted, I'm wondering why? :EDIT:
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From the sounds of it he is pretty close to being full grown. The sheding will slow down now that he is his adult size. As far as Cage size upgrading to a minimum of 24"long, 24"deep, and 48" high should be a good move. Keep up the misting, 3 times a day is good. You shouldnt directly mist Sly mist around him and let it fall on him. I hope this helps.

Welcome to the Forums,

Although you mentioned this is your first time posting here, and you're a lurker, I'm sure you know this forum is full of a ton of knowledgable people willing to help with all of your chamelen questions, so ask away. :D

I'd do as Frank reccomended and update his enclosure to a 48" x 24" x 24". The more space you have really benifits the chameleon.

As far as growing, he still may gain a few more inches. I don't remember who I was talking to (Eric Adrignola?) but occasionally chameleons will grow very slowly for a year, than just suddenly take off and gain their full length.

Have you tried purchasing an automatic mister (Habba mist) or a cool mist humidifier? I have a humidifier that increased my Panther's humidity by 30%.

Good luck with everything,
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