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I'm still sort of a newbie to the world of reptiles and have been keeping random species of herps for nearly the past four years. I live in northern Oregon. I am currently in the process of purchasing my first cham from Mike of FL Chams. So far he has been very informative and I am looking forward to recieving my very first chameleon next week, he is a two month old male Peacock Chameleon. I currently share my home with numerous pets, but my reptiles consist of a male Marbled Gecko and two female Leopard Geckos at the moment. My new arrival will most likely be the most difficult herp I have ever kept, but I am looking forward to the many new experiences I know he will bring into my life. I have been madly searching the internet for the past few weeks and have found very little information on this particular specie of cham. Thus, any information anyone could give me regarding their past experiences with this or similar species would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to chatting with you all in the future and sharing my new experiences in the world of cham-keeping with you all. Thanks. :)
I am assuming that you are talking about chameleo triceros wiedensheimi. Also know as the mount lefo. They are a montane species so I am assuming that care similiar to a jackson.
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They are egg layers which differs from Jacksons. They maybe pretty challanging to keep as a first chameleon owner. There is not alot written about them. This link I found talks a little about them. Chris Anderson is the author of the article and also a memeber that has kept them before so maybe you could P.M. He would have better anwsers then me.
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