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Hello everyone!!

I will be picking up my very first chameleon this Saturday, a three month old male veiled. The breeder also selling starter set ups which I am purchasing and it comes with a hard mesh zilla terrarium, live ficus plant, reptile carpet, 50 crickets, vitamin dust, calcium dust, spray bottle, heat bulb and a UVB/NVA bulb. Can anyone suggest anything else I may need right away. I noticed from reading hear that most people feed different types of worms as well as the crickets and also use the vitamin D3 a couple times a month so I may have to pick up that as well. Any tips or suggestions would be great!.


welcome, and nice to see yet another fellow canadian. looks like you have alot of good stuff. i would also get or make a dripper for wtering as well as some live plants for your set up. being in calgary finding plants right now might not be the easyest i would try to get some pothos prob wallmart or homedepote has it. also you will need a calcium with d3 to use 2 times a month or so and a multivitamin is also good. do some reaserch on this site and you will be set. there is a really good post by chameleonsimnmyhouse for beginers i will try and find it and put it here for you
im also new to my chameleons, ive read the care sheet and was very helpful. so thanx for the link, i want to get myself a velied cham, but have not yet looked at prices, what am i looking at paying for it when i finally get my little beast,
i know this is not much to do with previous subject but hey no harm in asking?:)
thanx az
Hey! Another Calgarian! YIPEE! I have seen the animals you are looking at.. Very nice. Definatly go with one of those animals, not one from any of the local stores. The breeder is very expirienced and produces quality animals for sure. Her adults are all quite stunning as well. Her beginer set up packages are well thought out and include pretty much all that you need to start. I'm local so shoot me a pm and we'll talk more. Good choice. Cheers!
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