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Hey guys, i just got a chameleon!!!! It's a Veil...I shouldn't say im exactly new to this...i had a veil about 6 years ago and i am kind of forgetful on what to have. So far this is what i have, I have a cage, i custom built it 6 years ago. It's wire caging all around and it's about 4 ft tall by 2 feet wide. I have a little cage to keep my crickets in. I have the calcium supplement for the crickets. I am getting a generic drip system tomorrow for the what else do i need? I'm sooo excited to have a chameleon again!!!! :D

Well, you have to get a lot of possibilities for your chameleon to climb through his cage. I'm also a proponent to give your chameleon a divers dieet.

Good luck!
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A few more sources of info just in case you haven't seen them: especially

Some of the things that matter depend on how old your critter is. Live plants from the safe plant list would be a great idea. I like the Schefflera plant. Cheap too. Plan on using a hand pump-up mister in addition to the dripper. Figure that you'll need to mist/rain him for 5-20 minutes, once in the morning and again in the mid-afternoon. Warm water seems to be more accepted. The list goes on and on..

What part of the world are you located?
Your chameleon will need exposure to UVB light so that it can produce vitamin D3 in order to use its calcium. A basking light set so that the appropriate temperatures are reached is necessary for good digestion too.

If you get/use real plants make sure they are non-toxic and washed (both sides of the leaves).

Its important to gutload your insects properly too. You may want to supplement/dust with a vitamin powder a couple of times a month and if your chameleon only gets UVB from artificial means, then you may need a calcium/3 powder too a couple of times a month. Is your calcium powder phosphorous-free?

Is it a male or female? How old?
i am from pittsburgh, PA and my she is about 2 months old...I am going to the local pet stores to get everything you guys suggested! Thanks for the links and the help! I will post back again with pics :)
Welcome to the forums.

Becareful when setting up a basking area for veileds. They do not seem to feel their casque (big head) or the spikes along their back to well. I would suggest not letting them get directly under the light. This can be pretty intense and can cause burns. They can get under the light but make sure there is enough distance to where the temperature has cooled a bit. I place my branches around the outside diameter of the dome reflector. They do have many options in branches around this area so they can move about to more comfortable heat levels. This may not be a problem right off the bat as most keepers hold veileds at lower temperature levels when they are small but just be aware of this for the future.
here are the pics!!!!



Is there a bump on/near the right elbow? I don't know if its the picture or really there.

k- which pic are you seeing it in? I don't see anything noticeable (but these are old eyes - lol!)

PLow - welcome and follow all our advice! :D There is a "how to ask questions thread" on this site as well as a link here on questions to ask regarding setup. I am not saying at this point you need to answer them all, but look them over and make sure you have everything covered (brands included) then ask questions. You have some nice clear shots, consider taking some more and entering the monthly contest at some point ;)

i have a little water fountain thing laying around the house...will this work or do i have to have it be dripping?
I wouldn't use a fountain, they're a bacteria breeding ground. I use drippers and drainage, easiest, cleanest, and most beneficial way to provide water in between mistings.
i'm not sure whether i have a female or male..i tried searching the forums...its the males who have little spurs on their claws right? I think there is a spur...but i im not sure
It looks like a female from the pictures you have already posted. If you post a better picture of just the rear of the back foot a determination can be made.
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