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Hi I'm Chris and I just picked up an Ambilobe Panther baby and as soon as I get it I will post some pictures. I have a few Frogs that are listed in my signature and my previous reptiles that I've had in the last couple years.
Welcome Chris. Chameleons can be demanding but very rewarding as pets. I can not wait to see some pictures.
Here's a picture of the Father

I just got him this morning and I think I did get a male. He's showing lot's of Red and Green already and from looking at his head, he has a helmet that goes all the way out to the tip of his nose. As soon as I get some good pictures I will post them. I'm not sure on if he has the bump right in front of his vent but we'll see. Do Females show bright red's because I thought they stayed in the Browns and Greens. He also went almost pure white right after I put him in the Ficus tree and then he went bright red and green.

Anything else I should look for?

EDIT: I just got a good look since he was hanging from the top screen and he has a big bulge right between his back legs so I'm really sure I got a male. He's showing more and more bring green/blue (aqua) and the bright red spots like his Father in the picture above.
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Hi Chris, Congrats on your new baby and good luck with him. The people here on the forum are very knowledgable, so if you have questions just ask. Also, just curious, where did you purchase him from?
I got him from lllreptile. They were very good and made sure I would be here before they were willing to ship him out. I called and thanked them and he said that he was 95% sure this was a male. They a few different locals of Panthers and color patterns.
Sounds good. I would trust LLLreptile. I was recently at the MARS show in Timonium MD and LLL was there. I got a chance to see and meet them in person as well as Screameleons. I think my next one will be from Kammerflage though. They have the most impressive selection and colorations. Best of luck to you with him and please feel free to ask any and all questions. As I said, the peeps on this forum are very knowledgable about chams. I have a panther myself and absolutely love him to death! As long as they have a large enough setup, proper lights, diet, and water, they are happy.
I think he's happy he's sleeping on a branch right now and he's almost pure white. I wish I had a good working camera right now.
I posted some pictures of him today in his ficus tree. He at a couple of small crickets today and that was a lot of fun to watch.
Looks great Chris. Another suggestion would be to get yourself some sticks/branches or even bend-a-vine and use zip ties to secure it to the screen. Give him some places to climb other than the plant.
That's a really good idea scrappy I was thinking that it needed something else for him because he keeps climbing on the screen to get close to the lights on top. He's shedding today and it all came off in about an hour from when I noticed him peeling. I could tell when I got up this morning that he was going to shed and I'm really happy that it all came off like it's supposed to.
Just curious. I have veileds they always eat the skin. Did your panther? I do not know why I have never asked any one who has had a panther before. If you by some prefabricated vines I recommend bend-a-vine. Flucker sell some to that are okay. If you try to rearrange these they like to stick together and rip up.
Ah, so veileds are just weirdos. My jackson never did either. Just curious. They hiss at it to. The guy I have does a weird undescribable growl. Did not know if you guys got to enjoy a similair show or not. Very entertaining.

You could also go outside and find some branches of your own. Clean them off with soap and water. Rinse well and allow them to air dry. You can secure these to the tree. Using twist ties or wire ties you could create a little network within the tree.
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