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Dear chameleon enthusiasts,

I had a few questions regarding my first chameleon purchase. (Which hasn't happened yet). I was wondering, for a college student, on a budget, which set up would be the best for its price (a link or anything would be great), how much work a chameleon is (should i think about later in life instead of now?) and what kind of chameleon i would get if i were looking to hold it here and there, let it crawl around outside of the cage for a few minutes? And anything else I should know about owning my first chameleon. Thank you to everyone who answers.
Depending on what you pay for your chameleon(I paid $250) my set up cost me about $350 to start with cage, lights, supplements, dripper, plants(real and fake) vines, branches etc. Your main cost after is the feeders and the food for your feeders. You can put your lights on a timer so if you go to school it can be done. Your cage also needs to be misted about 3 times a day so you will either have to do it or get an automatic mister. Also, put aside a vet fund, cause chameleons can get alot of illnesses. Your best bet as far as a species to start with would be a panther or veild chameleon. Personality is individual to the chameleon so some are nicer than others but overall they are solitary creatures and do not really like to be held or handled. My chameleon is very friendly and comes to me to crawl out of his cage. Others on here, cannot handle theirs at all and they do bite also! Here is a blog to read with some valuable info for you on how to set up and care for a new chameleon
it gets pricy dude. im probubly at about 1300 in three months from no cham to everything i need, alltho i do tend to spoil my little guy. as for being a college student i really depends on what kind of person you r. if you cant get ip in the morn cause you like to party then take off to party after class prob not a good idea. when i was that age i would have been a terible keeper. but thats me. chameleons require a responsible keeper. but they r totally worth the effort.
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