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Recently I got a 2.2 of T. montium. I've had these guys around 4 days now. So far 3 are eating very well, but one of the females ("female1") I have only seen eat once. Not to say she hasn't been eating otherwise. All 4 however are great drinkers. Still need to name everyone!

They all seem very healthy and overall do not seem to stress too much even with the minimal handling I have been doing.

So here we go.

This is "male1". He is the smaller of the 2. I went and did weights/measurements for all of them the 2nd day they arrived. The lengths are approximate as it was not easy to measure while they were moving, but I think pretty close!

-------Weight (g)------Total Length (in)----Snout to Vent (in)
Male 1 ~ 13.1g ------------ 7" --------------- 3.5"

Love his blues!

Fin shot

Here is "Female1". Both females were very similar in size and weight.

----------Weight (g)----Total Length (in)-----Snout to Vent (in)
Female 1 ~ 8.6g ----------- 5.75" ----------------- 3"

Showing a little color. Neither of the females turned really bright for me. Usually they are a lime green with a little yellow.

Maybe gravid? Her belly seems very wide, although both females weighed the same 3 days ago. The other doesn't *look* gravid.

Another straight down shot.

Here is "Male2". He is much larger than the other male. Imagine he is close to full sized.

--------Weight (g)---------Total Length (in)-----Snout to Vent (in)
Male 2 ~ 23.4g --------------- 7.75" -------------- 3.8"

Decent shot of his fin

Yellows and Blues!

"Female2". She roams a bit more than the other female. Doesn't look to be gravid.

---------Weight (g)-----Total Length (in)----Snout to Vent
Female 2 ~ 9g ------------ 5.75" --------------- 3"

Size reference. Out of all of them, she was the least pleased with this.

Showing a little lime green

This shot makes her look like she has a little belly going on


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Male 2 is STUNNING!! His tail fin is huge! They must all be a bit underweight or just small. My cb male was 23g at 8 months and now 30g (4" snout to vent without horns) at 1 year old.


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Yes, I think they are a little underweight each.

I have no idea on age really. I imagine the smaller male is quite a bit younger than the bigger one. Male 2, the first day ate about 9 dubia in one sitting.

I contacted Chris and he said based on the sizes I gave him, he thinks they are mature, but "around a year". I didn't have pictures at the time, so he was making his best guess.

I plan to take weights every other week and lengths every 4 weeks. I might do females every week on the weight just to better see if there are any strange increases (like being gravid).

Do any of these girls look gravid?


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I dont believe either of them are gravid.

Female two appears that she just laid sometime soon.
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The fin on the larger male is fantastic. That's a great group.

My male is 20 grams and the female is 13 grams and about the same length as yours. I hope she is gravid.

Keep us posted.


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The tail-fin always gets me. I have wanted one for such a long time...I wish I had time and space. Excellent looking buddies you got there OP.


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I dont believe either of them are gravid.

Female two appears that she just laid sometime soon.

I actually saw some disturbed dirt in her lay box that has a cane plant in it. I didnt have time to look before leaving. Im going to email where i got them from and ask if any females had laid.


Where did you get them from?! I've been watching kingsnake like a hawk all year trying to get a couple pairs.
The long wait was well worth it my friend! They look like they are in great shape, and I am sure you will fatten all of them right on up.


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Thanks guys!

Someone recommended some BB flies for these, so going to order some on Monday.


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No eggs, which is fine by me! Would rather beef up the girls before any of that anyways. Likely just a spot in the soil I overlooked.

Still doing well. The females gained 0.2g in 5 days. Not a lot but they aren't losing weight. Still haven't seen female 1 eat yet. But have phoenix worms and BB flies coming.
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