New Pygmies!


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Brevs are here! This is the first time I've had chameleons shipped to me, so I was kind of worried about what kind of condition they would be in when they arrive. They came at 11:30 this morning and look great! I ordered 3 for myself and 3 for a friend (1.2 ratios). They're wild caught, and there were some minor, and totally healed, bite marks on one of the males from another pygmy. Overall, I'm really pleased with them. They're hunting down crickets like no tomorrow and drinking. I couldn't get a good picture of the male without disturbing him, but he is gorgeous! His pattern and colors are awesome. I took a couple quick pictures, and after they have a couple weeks to settle in I'll see about getting some better shots. They're way cuter than the pictures let on :D


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awe, nothing cuter than Pygmys!!!. Are they friendly or nasty like alot of the panthers and veilds?.
awe, nothing cuter than Pygmys!!!. Are they friendly or nasty like alot of the panthers and veilds?.

They seem sweet as can be! They aren't too shy either. I watched them track down their crickets tonight... they sure can move when they want to!
oh my gosh, they are sooo cute!!!!!!!
how different are their needs than those of a veiled chameleon, what type of enclosure are they in? got a pic of it for me to see???

You captured some great images of your brevs.

I think that brevs are wonderful animals. A real joy to keep.
Wow you got so many of them! Awesome I have 1:2 myself that just had 5eggs. Congrats! I'm seeing some of our sponsors getting brev's in too.
hat's not to like about pygs? They absolutely adorable. You have some great shots, thanks for sharing.

What size viv you got them in?
Congrats on finally getting them; they look nice and healthy! You got some great shots there -- maybe enter them in one of the monthly photo contests. Have fun with them :)
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