New Problem a/c doesnt work


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Well I've entered a new problem today. The a/c stopped working, landlords dont have the money to fix it. So what are my choices to keeping my baby in comfortable space?
What kind of cham are you keeping? You could try getting a cool mist humidifier and piping it straight into the cage.
Ok I'll work on it tomorrow... Have til July to get everything together. He'll be in our room most of the time so ill have to close the br door
Ohi thought you already had him. Good, plenty of time to get things tuned in. Post some pictures and details for us along the way:)
Tell your Landlord you are not paying rent until they fix it and then take that money and buy a room sized AC?

Not only will it take care of the Cham, but I am assuming that you will want some AC in Houston this time of the year??

Seriously, I am not sure your landlord has an option here.
Dont they have to provide AC by law? A landlord without cash??? How is that the residents problem???? Action needs to be taken against that slum lord!!
I completely left it off today after noticing it wasnt working, at 12:30 this afternoon turned it back on at 7pm took nearly 2 hours to reach the desired temp, went off. Came back on and its still running trying to reach the desired temp. Its like its struggling to do anything.
Well that sucks! I dont get why this issue has to affect you. I would contact some people who know the laws a little better. I think a landloard has to provide this... I am no lawyer, but I am pretty sure I have heard that.
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