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Hello I just bought a jasmine plant tree it is a trpoical plant just wondering if anyone could tell me if it is toxic I looked on kammerflages list did not see it listed please help if possible thank you.
In order to determine correctly whether the plant is toxic or not, you will have to get the botanical name of the species you have.

The chief problem that you have with Jasmine is that there are quite a few different, unrelated species of plants that are known by the common name Jasmine (e.g. the Jasmine shrubs of the species Jasminum, the very common Star Jasmine of the Trachelospermum species, and the Night-Blooming Jasmine/Jessamine of the Cestrum species).

The Cestrum species in particular comes up in a lot of plant lists as highly toxic (see University of California, Davis Toxic Plants List and Melissa Kaplan's Harmful & Poisonous PLants)
I haven't seen the other species mentioned on any toxic lists, and the UC-Davis site does have Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum) on it's Safe Plants list (University of California, Davis Safe Plants List).

So until you can correctly determine the scientific name of the plant you have, and then positively confirm that it is not toxic, I would rather err on the safe side and avoid using the plant.

Also remember that most of these Toxic/Safe lists were determined with regard to humans/mammals, and so may not be accurate for reptiles. There is a school of thought that says that if the plant doesn't come from the animal's native habitat, it may not be safe to use the plant, since the animal's species would only have evolved to avoid toxic plants that are found in the area it comes from.

thank you tygerr I appreciate the info I did return the plant because of uncertainty I was told hibiscus is a very good plant for chams any input
Absolutely but they need a lot of light.
You can probably get two or three for not that much money and then rotate them out every week or two, keeping them in a sunny window or on the porch when they are not in the enclosure.
The light in the habitat is not going to be enough for a hibiscus unless you add some pretty intense greenhouse lighting....which may not work out so well for the cham.
If you use this plant for a veiled enclosure the cham will enjoy eating the flowers....maybe don't get a red one veiled is really intimidated by red...even a hibiscus flower will send him to the bottom of the enclosure.


Thanks everyone I think I will go with schefflera arboricola is that ok for chams? It will be in both panther cages if ok
That's a great plant to use. It tolerates the low light levels in the cage well, and can cope with the amount of water in the cage (provided the soil drains well), it's safe for chams, and its foliage provides a lot of cover for chams. It also grows quite quickly.

Well I purchased a schefflera and a big croton plant is croton ok I saw on a thread it can cause dermitis what is that
Crotons are fine. Dermatitis is irritation or itching of the skin... the same warning is given for ficus plants. The sap of either plant can cause irritation to the skin or eyes, but I've never actually heard of anyone having problems with these plants.

As a precaution, make sure you don't put the plants into your cham's cage just after you've pruned them and the sap is still oozing out of fresh wounds.
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