New Parsonii

I've had this guy for 2 week now and he/she seems very healthy.
I'm hoping for a female but I think it might be a male by the makings:(




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Oh darn, I think you are correct, that is a male. i guess you best just sell him to me for a Christmas price.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Male or female, you have yet another beauty. I will hope for a female so we can look forward to possible baby parsons.:)


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Since you didn't want a male, you could simply give it to Laurie for free as her welcoming gift as a new moderator! :D

(If you were in Canada i wouldn't suggest Laurie, and i'd ask for it! But crossing the border is a problem sadly!) ;)


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parsonii are amazing! Well i guess you are just going to have to get another one and hopefully that one is female :p


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Beautiful cham! Wish I had the room for one. Definitely many of us dream we could own at least one:p
If these (I have 2 babies) turn out to be males I will be selling them.
I have 3 males already and don't need or want anymore males.
It will be 6-9 months before they are 100% sexable so if your looking for a male Parsons send me a pm. The price will be 2k each To experienced keepers of coarse.


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i am glad to see more and more people are working with these guys, hopefully they will be more widely available in a few years.
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