New Panther Babies????????


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Hey I bought two new panthers and I don't know abaout their morp, sex and age. Please help me. Here is some photos abaout them:

The first photo looks possibly female, the tail angle is weird. But the last 3 photos are definitely male. It's hard to say without any size reference but they might be around 3 months old or so. And I can't really speculate on locale until the male gets more colors. Might be an Ambilobe or something else, right now there's not much to go on. Ask us again in a few months, when his colors are more developed.

Were you given any info when you bought them? What locale did the breeder say they were, or did they not provide any details?
for male; the seller said to me his father is blue and his mother is nosy be. So is he going to be blue ??
He said just "blue?" That's not super specific, unless he means that the father was a nosy be as well, but yes, there's a good possibility that he'll be mostly blue (probably with some red around the eyes and face)
yes just blue. and he said to me male is three months and female is two months old. and they are captive bred
They look great, it would just be nice if the breeder had been more specific lol. Any way to shoot him an email and confirm what he meant? Because "blue" might mean nosy be, blue-bar ambilobe, or blue-bar ambanja, so it might be a couple things depending on what he means.

We can guess better when he's older and has more color but we still might be wrong. Only the breeder should know for certain.
It is difficult to contact with breeder :( beacause I live in Turkey and it is forbidden to sell or buy reptiles. So I get them from my friend. And my friend get them from petshop in Bulgaria and seller said to my friend I get them from czech republic :D so it is impossible to learn anything about breeder :D
Ah ok, I understand. Well, then we can try again in a few months but keep in mind that even though he may look like one thing that doesn't mean he's "pure" and we will never be able to know what the female is 100% either. But we can try to give you our most educated, reasonable guess.
OK. Thank you for your help. Do you have any advice abaout care. I put blaptica dubia babies into cage but they didnt eat, so should I try grasshopper or they eat blapticas ?
He's starting to look very Ambilobe. It's still hard to say definitively what he is (some Sambavas also look like this young) and there's always the risk that he may be a mix but odds are he might be Ambilobe.
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