New Panther Arrival Iminent -Cage Pics


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After months and months of research and preparation, I finally get to pick my first ever Panther up this weekend!! So excited!! I've included a couple of pics of his set up. Will pot some more when my new friend gets here on the weekend!! :)

Cham Cage 1.jpg

Cham Cage 2.jpg
i have to ask what are you using as a dripper and to check temps and humidity. other than that very pretty and im sure the little will like it
Thanks!! I hope he does!!

I'm using a dripper system that I've made. It works great - just testing it out in the kitchen so it's not on the cage in those pics.

I've also got two ExoTerra thermometers measuring the temps at the top and bottom of the cages. Also an ExoTerra Hygrometer for the humidity. All temps seem to be perfect according to the Panther care sheet on here :)
Congrats, your setup looks good!

Only thing I can add is maybe another vine on the lower/middle part of the enclosure in case he wants to get out of the light.
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