New Mist King making a whistling noise??


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Hey all! I just hooked up my new Mist King starter. It was fine for about 4days and now one of the two nozzels is making a high pitched almost whistling noise. Spray is good. It's been less than a week... Figured I'd ask other keepers before contacting the company incase it's an easy fix.



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You can try "burping" the system by removing the tubing from the pump output, running the pump just enough to have water come out (put a bowl underneath to catch the water, then turn off the pump and reconnect. This often will get the system back to running smoothly. Usually burping helps when the misters are just spouting air and little water. It sounds like you have a very minor case of this if the misters seem to be working. Anyways, try it and see if it works for you!
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