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Hello everyone,

My name is Kyle; I'm new to the Chameleon Forums, so I thought I'd give a little introduction for myself & my new companion.

I currently live close to downtown Toronto, Canada & just bought my first Chameleon from PJ's Pets including a nice beginner setup for it.

My Chameleon is a male veiled, and we have been together for about one week now. He is very healthy & energetic, and seems to like his new environment.

He's still nameless, but I know after a couple more days he'll have a suiting one.

Anyways, thanks for reading and feel free to send me a message anytime!

(Picture: My Veiled, 8 months old.)


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Welcome to CF Kyle!! glad to have you here :) and welcome to the "addiction" (as we call it) of chameleon keeping ;)

your little nameless friend is quite cute! let us know when you pick a name for him

we always like to give new members a link to our wonderful chameleon care resources, they are packed with accurate info on chameleons and specific caresheets for different species

looking forward to see more pics of your new buddy and any questions you ever have please ask us! we are here to help all we can :)
Sup! Im an old timer and ancient forum lurker... but since I just decided to register a few days ago, I guess I still have that new car smell also.
Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. This is a great place to learn about chameleons, unfortunately most pet shops are not. I keep veileds and they are a wonderful species to work with. Your Cham looks very small to be 8 months old. My guess would be 5 or 6 months old. Does your Cham have spurs on the back heels of his two back feet? Spurs mean spurs, female. That's some great info linked above and I also wanted to share my blog linked below for new keepers. It has the items you need for a chameleon, with links to pictures and where you can buy each item. To keep your little one healthy you will need the correct lighting, supplements and environment.
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