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Hi my name is karla and i purchased a baby veiled chemeleon two months ago as a mothers day gift to my self. Rango is his name n is now twice the size he was two months ago he eats about ten crickets a day and a couple mealworms a day. he looks to be doing good but i feel his colors are not as bright as they should be he has a heat lamp n a uvb light above his house which has good ventilation i spray his house several times a day n watch him drink so he is gettin plenty of water. when i turn off his lights at night his colors r so bright looks like he almost glows but not during day he more of a grayish brownish color. why is that? am i missing something.
20130708_131538.jpg this is him now
20130511_200317.jpg this is him when i purchased him
He looks nice and healthy and it seems you are doing a great job taking care of him thus far! Do you have any live plants such as a pothos, ficus or schefflera? They work well for humidity levels and veiled's have a tendency to munch on the vegetation here and there.
As for his colouration, that is also very common with veileds. Some go brown throughout the day, while others stay a nice green. My boy is nearly a year old now and will only show his greens when he first wakes up and before he goes to sleep. Other then that he's basically brown all day long. Nothing I can do about it, unfortunately. Still love the little bugger to bits though.


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He looks good to me nice and healthy. If He's really brown or dark during the day then the temps may be to low and he's tryin to darken up to absorb heat. It's could also mean its to hot and he's stressed. What are your basking temps and the temps in the rest of the cage. Also 1 thing I would suggest is I don't suggest feeding meal worms every day, they're not the best feeder and are best to be fed as a treat once or twice a week or so.


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thnks I dnt have any live plants yet been kinda worried were to buy from and what they use as fertilizer since he could eat them but definantly need to get some for him.

I checked his temps the top part is 95 and the rest is 80. I will look into were I can get other insects for him so he can have a more variety diet.

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