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Just wanted to say hi. I visited the Big Island of Hawai'i last month, and fell in love with the Jackson's chameleon after seeing one in a coffee tree at Hula Daddy's coffee farm!
I also saw one hit by a car while driving through Waimea. I felt terrible about it, and wish I had stopped my car sooner and run back to get him out of the road. Poor thing. Puzzled as to why he was crossing the road in the first place...they aren't chickens!
Ever since I returned I have reading all I can, in order to put myself off from getting one, but it isn't working! Your site is so interesting and helpful as well.
I do have a nice pic of the Jackson's chameleon that I saw, but as I am using my iPad at present, I do not have the url for it. Shame.
Look forward to learning lots.


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Welcome Chris! Please feel free to ask any questions as we love to help! And i'm sure some Member will graciously post photos of any type of chameleon you want to see :D

Someone post a Jacksons for this guy already! :p


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Hi! Welcome to the forums buddy :D

I'm sorry about that jacksons :( poor little guy

You should consider taking care of one. They really are wonderful creatures! I'm sure with your interest you've already developed this site would be a great place to learn about how to take care of one and you can eventually own one :D
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