New member of the family. Meet "tiny" my meller


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I just brought him home today and took a quick picture of him. I dont want to bother him for the next couple of days. So hes in a 2x2x4 reptibreeze. I know thats small for him but way better than what he was in before which was a 24Lx18DX18H exo terra glass tank. The pet store has had him for about 4-5 months. The new reptile manage is a friend of mine and he called me to let me know they had him when he started. Ive been told hes around 1 year and a CB male. I will post more pictures in a couple of days. If any of the members who have meller experience want to give me some do's and dont's, as always i welcome the advice of the members. Oh ya this guy is super friendly and docile, is this normal for a meller?


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Here is the picture. I brought him home at night and he went to bed almost right away. Hes in the middle of a shed.


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Congrats on the new guy! Definitely look into something bigger soon. And I really doubt he's CB, to be honest, Meller's are nearly always WC or LTC at least. So I would get him treated for parasites to be safe, especially if you have other chameleons.

And for now the only tip I have is water, water, water! They love water, and really benefit from at least one really long misting a day, if not two.


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Good looking cham, his colors look good! As Olympia previously stated, you'll need to get a larger cage as soon as possible, and provide him lots of water. Only a handful of people here have bred mellers successfully so if he's CB find out from who. More than likely its wild caught, so I would get a fecal test done asap.

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