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Pet Smart should also carry:

1. ESU Brand - Digital thermometers with a probe
2. Fulkers Brand - Digital Hygrometer
3. ZooMed Brand - The Big/Little Dripper


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One final question i promise. I mist his cage with room temp water? Correct? And how do i know when i have misted it fully?
Depends on the type of mister Id say.

If you have a pump up one where you build up the pressure and then release it for a few minutes of spraying, like a garden srayer, then use just warm water.

If you have one of those hanp sprayers, then user even warmer water. By the time it falls and collect it cools.

The previous sprays too much water to cool down fast enough.


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I just bought the little mister bottle from pet smart. I will post pictures of my cham when i get his cage all set up. I am building him a 6 foot high, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet deep, mesh cage with plexi bottom.
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