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Hello, my name is Nicholas and I am a new owner of a 9 month old panther chameleon! I have been his keeper now for only 3 weeks and he seems to be doing great. I live in San Diego and Max seems to really enjoy the moderate temps. This is my first reptile and I am open to any advice given and will be happy to help in any way. Thanks...
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welcome to the forum, it looks like you have a really nice cham. All seems to look well, but i might add a few more branches to the cage, and do you have a UVB light?
Thanks, and I have thought about adding more branches for climbing...UVB Light?
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There's quite a bit of controversy of whether UVB is necesary or not, but I find it a must. If your chameleon is outside daily all year round- than no, you wouldn't NEED one, but if he never or only occasionally goes outside, than he most certainly needs one.

UVB lights are meant to be used in the daytime, and they really help with the chameleon's bone development and nutrition requirement- all UVB lights basically do is imitate natural sunlight.

As far as the lights themselves go, there are various types and numbers. A lot of people use 5.0, and I personally use the Repti-sun 10.0 becuase the rays of light penetrate further into the cage, and I think they may be a bit more effective. Hope this helps!
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Oh, alright...I think this is what i bought then. The bulb was like $65 and came with a one year warranty, i think its the 5.0
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Welcome to the forums!! Max is looking cute!

What kind of insects are you feeding Max and are you using the vitamin and calcium dusts? :^)
I checked the bulb and it says "Powersun U.V. 120V/160W", so I think I am good there, right?!? I have been feeding Max crickets every other day and dusting 75% of them with "Miner-All" consisting of vitamin d3. Should I be dusting with anything else? and how often? He is eating about 8 to 10 crickets every feeding, compared to six the first week (and hand fedding as well), is this enough or too much? I read that he should be eating 30 to 50 crickets a month...Can you over-feed?
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Your bulb produces UV, you could probably get away with it. However, this bulb in particular seems to create very harsh heat and UV, so it is imperative that you add MUCH more vegetation and leaf cover in that enclosure. There needs to be areas where they can get away from the affects of the bulb.

You most likely wont be able to overfeed him until he is an adult. Some people give as much as will be eaten, others give a moderate amount and still grow their chameleons up to large sizes. It may actually delay the period where they become an adult and slow down on eating if you feed more moderately. Maybe Eric could post on this, as I beleove that is what he does...?
Hi hcinic! And hello to the rest of the forum gang as well! :)

Welcome to the forums! Your panther chameleon at 9 months of age is nearly considered an adult (1 year) and as they age the don't require as much dusting due to the slower growth rate. Typically, an adult male panther chameleon indoors requires 1 dusting a week for D3 and a vitamin supplement such as Herptivite 1 time a month. This is true if you have proper UVB lighting and use a good gutload and fruits/vegetables for your feeders too.

Since your panther is close to a year of age, you can start to reduce the amount of dusting you give him.

If you have any questions you certainly have come to the right place as there are a great bunch of people here, and you can ask me directly as well anytime :) .

Still working on the move all! I'll be back regularly again soon...
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