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I'm new to Chameleons and am currently setting up two 2x2x5 outdoor mesh and wooden aviaries and another slightly smaller screen enclosure. (Just in case) inside my rear patio. That area is covered. So it won't get super hot. But will get some direct UV.
Humidity and temperature should be ok for the Veiled Chameleons I'm planning on purchasing....Since there are populations living here "wild".
At least that's my thought.
Please let me know if I'm wrong or not considering something.
I plan on one Male in each cage.
I'll have hanging pothos and grape vine branches.
Two food bowls mounted on the sides of each cage.
A drip system on each cage.
And I'm making a cricket colony and I'll be wild collection insects as well. South Florida is full of insects!
I'm setting EVERYTHING up BEFORE I buy my Chams.
What have I overlooked?

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So a few things...

First you're going to absolutely NEED a misting system. I personally would run a irrigation style system using the garden hose hook up style. Itll help keep the chams cool when it's in the 90s in the shade.

Two, get a roach colony or 3.

Three, technically the "wild" chams here are oustalets, not veiled. And a captive born/bred animal isnt going to be acclimated to our temps. But you can overcome that by proving super dense foliage (hibiscus is great for us here) and the above referenced misting set up.

Another thing to keep in mind is snakes and birds. Extend your cage a few inches underground to prevent anything from digging under (unless you put in a floor). Fact is, you're going to have snakes around/in them... sometimes stuck in the mesh. (Especially 3/8, hehe)

I personally house mine indoors year round and daily rotate them outside. I have a "free range" set up on my porch for those who can behave... and a good size bird cage for those who like to escape.

Use the search and check out Dr.O's GOC [grand outdoor cage]. It'll help you out a lot. I personally went with indoor set up and easily removable outdoor stuff because I don't yet own a house. If I knew I didn't have to move for a few years I could and would build an outdoor castle for my chams in a heartbeat.

Oh, and a protip; chams HATE the rain.

Best of luck!


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I'll certainly look into a misting system.
I already have a full-on "rain" system for my Redfoot tortoises.
As far as rain goes. The cages should not get any heavy rain water. And I can move them in a storm.


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I'm looking at misters on Josh's frogs website.
The one that uses a 5 gallon bucket looks good to me. It is rated for indoors or outdoors and has a multi zone timer.
I have a few months before it gets hot again here. (Over 85)
Is there one that is better than the rest?
I like the idea of an electric one on a timer instead of using my water spigot like I do for my tortoise enclosures overhead waterers.
If those aren't good enough, I can go the water outlet and hose route.
Itd also save me some $$

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Well... I'd personally do the garden hose variety... they make an attachment you can buy at lowes or Home Depot that is basically a timer/sprinkler control system. (Its ACTUALLY a sprinkler system you hook up to your hose). You then run the 3/8" irrigation line, or step it down to 1/4". You can use either size, but if you do the 1/4" you can get fittings cheaper and easier... could even use mistking branded ones.

The second option is the indoor/outdoor deal. I own a mistking, and many people hold it in high regards. If I had it to do over, I would've just bought the individual parts and a pump etc... but the mistking "packages" take the guesswork out of it. (I'm a general contractor and have been in construction for more than half my life... so my knowledge/experience puts me in a different situation than some)

So, mistking is nice, but has its flaws/limitations. The hose attachment also has drawbacks, but if you're basically just using it for sooling them off, its gonna be way cheaper. The mistking is super easy and nice for what it is.


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I'm not terribly handy, so I went the MistKing route. I like it well enough, but it wasnt game changing for me like it has been for some people. I'm one of those weirdos that actually likes to hand spray, and I still do it at least once a day even in my automated enclosure! Mostly for the moss, granted. The MistKing does the trick to keep my little baby hydrated without full on blasting her in the face, though it struggles to keep up with the water needs of my moss. I need to set up a drip system for it at some point!

My other girl absolutely hates the MistKing, and because it was stressing her out so badly I opted to hand spray only for her.


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I got a 15% off code for Josh's frogs.
I'll get a MISTKING and one extra nozzle.
So I'll be 2 per enclosure.
I WILL STILL manually spray.
The MIST KING will mostly be for the hotter months as a cooler.
Right now, I'm planning on cycling it to spray maybe twice a day..
It's still very humid here.


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You may be planning this already but make a solid divider between the cages. They are very territorial and even a glimps of each other can set them off and stress them out.


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I was wondering about that.
I'll make a sight barrier.
The cages are sold by PAWHUT.
Ive been unable to download a photo. It's the 68" one.
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