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Hello all!!!
Although I have not received my baby yet, I just wanted to introduce my self and excited to get started!

This will be my second chameleon and ,yes , I am a victum of thinking 🤔 I was doing everything right. I purchased a veiled from a reptile show and went straight to the pet store to follow all the directions they gave me. My chameleon survived us and I look back 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh!!! Fast Forward.... years have passed and now I want learn more while observing my experience with all this new technology they have for education!

I have a panther chameleon on its way as soon as I get met cage set up! I am so excited 😆!
I did want to show off my cabinet stand I found and have started getting it refurbished. I do plan on turning it into a drainage
My dads a handyman with rental property so please excuse his shed . This his him starting to formulate his ideas if putting it together.
NOTE : we washed the cabinet yesterday and all the green came off. This was a cabinet we picked off the side of road in a rich neighborhood. It's a pure bamboo cabinet 🥰 let's get started

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I've been listening to them at work. It's not too different but I was doing the bare minimum thinking I was on top of things. Like having branches but not knowing there proper placement ....
It's up to you, and there are different ways of doing things, but I found it easier to arrange the plants first, according to (starting with a centerpiece, and moving outward from there) and then filling in branches (I used dowels & bamboo).

My little guy mostly uses the branches on the centerpiece plants for getting around & basking (along with the ceiling—it's his chameleon superhighway) and vines from pothos, philodendron, & wandering jew are growing quickly, and snake through everything else.

Here are 2 more lists of safe plants from reputable sources:
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