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I just wanted to introduce myself and my little veiled.
I am Stephanie and the little cham is nameless so far. We got her/him at Petsmart and were told we were getting a female, but I think we have a little boy... I am a new cham keeper, and only know what I have learned here. What an excellent source of information, you all have such a wealth of knowledge! I was given a lot of misinformation at the pet store, and have gotten almost all of the wrong stuff! I have a reptibreeze on the way and will fix it up this week! He seems to be eating okay, and sure can puff up when he gets worried, he did not like the camera.
I will try to add a pic later of his back feet, I'm pretty sure I see spurs. I still have a lot of questions, so I will continue to read here as much as possible, and may have to ask some.
Anyway, here he/she is! Hello, and thanks for all of your info sharing.
I gotta say ive seen alot of veiled's, but ive never seen that color before.

Cheers, oh and sorry about your wallet...
The Petsmart employee said she was a female, because she didn't have any spurs (and I didn't really see anything in the area she was indicating). However, now I see something... I will grab a pic and perhaps you all can help.

Yes, he/she normally is green and happy and about half that size. When the camera came out the puffing began. Not happy with me there!

I have every intention of taking back the items that I purchased on the wrong information/suggestion on the Petsmart employee (once my new stuff is all set up). I hope they don't give me a hassle!
Great to have you here! PetSmart has a pretty lenient policy on returning items. Speak to a manager and explain your problems with the misinformation, they will understand. I'm sorry you were misinformed, however!

Beautiful cham, looks male to me. We'll see by the pic. Again, glad to have you here. :)
I bought my male veiled from Petsmart also, he looks identical to yours. Fortunately, the associate owned a chameleon herself so she was at least knowledgeable about the sex.
It's sad how little pet store employees know about the animals they are selling and caring for. I did a bit of research all around the web and got a lot of mixed information before finally coming to this forum, and only after I got my little dude.
Check out the care sheet on veiled chameleons. It's very informative, easy to understand and comprehensive.
And congrats on your new friend! :p
Here are a few more pics of what he usually looks like. We just had him out for a bit, and I tried to get some good ones of his back feet.

Sorry about the big pics, I'm not sure how to make them smaller :blush:

He tried to eat the flowers on my chair pad, and then bit his pothos plant several times. I am misting heavily twice a day, and also have a dripper set up for several minutes a couple of times a day. I have never seen him drink and I am concerned that he may be thirsty!




Okay, then he is a him! That is fantastic, as I would much prefer a male to a female now that I have learned more about them.

He just pooped and there was only a dot of white urate, the rest of the poop was firm and brown. What do I do to get this guy to drink?! I have only had him about 4 days. Should we shower?

We had a little trip out into the sun, and he turned his army colors again.
My 4 year old son kind of already named him Corinthian (because he got mixed up with the word chameleon), Not sure if it will stick.:cool:
Haha! That's awesome! Jake the dog from adventure time is my cham's namesake. :D
I need to find a pet to name Finn, lol!
Congrats on your little new member to your family...but just to remind you that you need to supplement him twice a month vitamin and calcium D3 and everyday calcium without D3...And dont forget about the UVB light bulb. :D:D And enjoy your little entertainment...
New cage came today, yay! It's the ReptiBreeze 18x18x36, which I ordered when I thought he was a she. So now I guess I will need to buy a larger cage at some point. :rolleyes:
I got it all set up with some grapevine, a few wooden bird ladders, an umbrella plant and a pothos. I will add a pic tomorrow for some constructive critisism. I hope I did everything right! I drilled some holes in the plastic bottom and set it up on a 3-tiered self with a rubbermaid tub underneath. My husband thinks I'm crazy, is not super loving the monstrosity of a viv in the foyer, and I'm sure he is wondering how much all of this is costing. He is probably smart not to ask. :cool:
The only thing I still need is better lighting, I think. I am planning to get the long ReptiSun 5.0 fixture and bulb tomorrow, and I think I will try a 60w light bulb as I think the basking bulb I got at the pet store is too hot? It is a 100 w bulb and I keep it away from the basking spot a bit because it keeps getting up above 90. I also need a few more gauges to measure everything. I am not sure I am misting enough/correctly, and I have never once seen him drink. I have an Aquazamp raindome on the way, so I am hoping that will help me out! He seems to be eating a lot (at least I think so), but still dashes for the front of the cage to get out everytime he sees me, and I have seen him eating the pothos plant stalks again. I hope I am doing everything right, this is much harder than I thought it would be!!!!!!!!:eek:
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