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So just got juv ambilobe on Wed.. I have yet to see him drink and he def doesn't have much appetite if at all. I just moved him from a high traffic and distraction filled area to another spot where he is mostly alone all the time. I'm misting a few times a day with the mistking and using a feeder for small crix. At what point should I get concerned by his apparent lack of drinking and appetite? I have to assume he isn't gonna dehydrate himself to death. Any thoughts?


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Yesterday found white on bottom of cage. I'll have to wait to see another. I understand white is good. I guess I'll watch for more. Is there a typical time from being in new surroundings I should expect, to see more normal eating and drinking habits? Day or two, three four five?


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They should settle down and start eating within the first week. Also chameleons are very shy drinkers. You may never see it drink.
It sounds like you may benefit from filling out the help form so you can get your husbandry dialed in nicely. 👍


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  • Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
  • Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?
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Ambilobe Panther, male 2-3 months old I'm told

Have only handled a cpl times as not to stress

Feeding small crix, gut loading with apple, carrot and lettuce

Reptivite with6d3. Repti calcium with d3

Misting with mistking three times a day was only doing like ten secs but have adjusted to 30 seconds

Have only found one fecal and it was white and black

Cage info

All screen 18x18x36

Dont recall lighting that was sent (got from FLCHAMS but have heat lamp and uvb strip

Basking is runnniing in the 90° range and lower level high 70° overnight is about 75° checking with thermometer in cage

Not sure on humidity level as I need to buy that

Fake vines with artifical leaves but added originally a hibiscus but it was to big so I just bought ficus which is6a little small at moment but gonna raise it a bit higher

I did have cage in very high traffic area and next to a TV. I moved him yesterday to area with very lil traffic

Live in south fla

Curent concern is what I think is lack of drinking and lack of eating. Im pretty sure he has eaten a couple of crix but not positive. He has only been here since Wed.. I'm prob being a good friend bit impatient with him.


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Ok firstly I don't think 30 second misting is enough and even run a dripper more think 2 minutes. Soak it you want to make sure your little guy is hydrated and has plenty of places to drink from you could add a pothos in your back left corner and run a dripper onto it until you get him up and running. Also supplements you will want to use calcium no d3 every feed then the 15th day calcium with d3 then back to calcium no d3 then the 30 reptivite with d3. This is only my option . Also wouldn't be a bad idea when you can get a fecal test done . If you go down this or similar lines you will need to put some holes in the middle bottom of your enclosure for water to drain

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If you place a feeder cup in your enclosure and leave him to it when no one is watching and he feels safe he should start eating. My girl at the start had me super stressed not eating of drinking but he will settle in. Their are lots of great people on here so ask asmany questions as possible. As they will be more than happy to help


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Actually just finally witnessed him drinking as I was spraying with bottle.. I think perhaps he's a bit dehydrated through my own errors. I'm going to ensure to mist for much more significant time and get a dripper as well. Thanks
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