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I just bought a new humidifier online the other day, it is a duracaft DWM - 250. It can hold 2.5 gallons and it is a warm mister. has anyone heard about this product before, i have seen some good reviews for it, now i am looking for some bad ones, if there are any atleast. This is going to be supplying my new cage taht i am building. the cage will be 5x2.5x2.5 (HxWxD). Do you think that the humidifer will be enough?
I am using a cool mist humidifier I picked up from walmart. Before shopping for one, I had read that the cool mist variety is preferred because the warmer temps are more probable of promoting bacteria and similar problems. However, I honestly don't know how much of a concern this should be when comparing the two. Both types will require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Are you going to be keeping a panther? The humidifier will be at least strong enough to affect a portion of the cage, creating somewhat of a gradient for your chameleon to manage itself. Humidity is important, but I would look into some automated watering systems if possible before adding equipment for humidity.

If you have not already, you may want to check out these articles at Chameleon News:
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Thanks that was a pretty helpful website, but it doesnot talk about a warm mister. i have been tol that since warm mist rises there is not really a need to hook up piping, and since this is for only my one cage, i dont think that i will need to hook up a system like that. Ans yes i will be keeping a female nosy be panther chameleon in the cage. I am still not sure exactly what the humidity level is supposed to be at. online i have gotten so many different level. i try to keep it at 75-80%, and i give her a shower about every other day. Does that humidity level sound about right?:confused:
I try to keep my panther at around 50% humidity. It sometimes drops to 40% and goes as high as about 70% right after a misting.

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