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Hi there. My name is Cassie, I am 26, soon to be married with two kids lily who is 6 and zakk who is 4. We currently own daisy who is one she is a ball python, phoenix a crested gecko who is ruffly 9 months old, crestie another crested gecko who is a few years old we adopted him from a friend, we looked after him and ended up getting him back, this one my daughter has claimed. Thorn who is 10 to 11 months old, bearded dragon, and last but not least Rango who is a male noseybe chameleon he is ruffly 9 months old I think I can't remember if he was 6 or 8 months old when we got him. He has lots of personality and loves being held and allowed to explore along with his new found love for showers. I decided to finally join after following the form since before we got Rango. Thank you all for your wonderful insight so far
Hi Cassie.

Welcome to the madhouse LOL

Everyone is obsessed on here so as it sounds like you're animal obsessed too, I reckon u'll fit right in!! ;)

Congrats on the upcoming's a fantastic, long amazing day that goes over really too quickly, but its FULL of stuff happening. You'll love it!!!
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