New here! Named My lil Guy Bugz.

Hey everyone about 2 months ago received my chameleon from kammer creations and everything has been perfect. Alot of my question has been asked and answered over the course of years on this website forum. My question that i couldnt get answered tho is im just wondering if anybody could find a picture of the chameleon named “ viserra targaryen” . My lil guy was a pairing of “ sire: “behind blue eyes”(which ive seen plenty of pictures of) and Viserra taragaryen i just cant seem to find pictures of her. Not extremely important but just would love to see the couple as a whole that created my baby ! Thank you guys alot. This is a picture of him just chilling about a week ago. He normally is this color or when i spray him with water he is a BEAUTIFUL white and red . Will post more pictures soon


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Welcome! Try posting in the general discussions for more responses. I too have a young panther cham. If you can fill out the health form at the top of the health clinic page so I can check your husbandry, that would be great!
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