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Just wanted to say hi to everyone.
My name is N8. I am 26 and currently living in Phx, Az. :(
I am a proud owner of a Red Bar Ambilobe named Morphius
I also have a Amel Fat Tailed Gecko named Shoe String.
I have been a long time lurker of this awesome site
But now im looking to contribute and make new friends

Morphius getting ready for bed.


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Welcome N8 :cool:

always cool for new members to join the forums

your cham is awsome!!! i've been wanting a red- bar like yours:eek:

where'd you get him? and cool gecko too

hope you enjoy the forums :)
Welcome to the forums and those are some awesome looking animals you have there. Your chameleon is gorgeous!!!
Thanks yall!

I bought him from a local reptile store that took him in as a adoption.
I was always planning on owning a veiled. But when I saw this panther at the store, I knew I had to have him. I justified the cost with my lady as a opportunity purchase. Considering panther chameleons are not common locally.
Now that I have owned him for about 6 months, my family has really grown fond of him. He is very active and friendly and loves to be fed by hand.
I have two 5 year old boys that are just fascinated with him. I have owned many reptiles and other exotic pets, but chameleons are by far the coolest of them all.

I would also like to say RIP ODB
Wu-Tang for life ;)
Welcome to the forum N8. Always good to have new people join. That red bar you've got is hot. I like the leopard to can't forget him but, chameleons that's where its at. ;)
Sweet! I'm glad you guys like him
I will be posting many many more pics of him and his enclosure very soon.
The fat tail is deffinately cool. But my kids don't really like him due to the fact that he is nocturnal and they never see him. But they have always been a favorite for me. They are super docile and very easy to take care of.
I'm still new to the chameleon world but I'm deffinately hooked.
The chameleon is hands down just a awesome species!
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