New E-Zine Issue Released!

Your link takes me to a page that says current issue September 2006 and even when I click on "current issue" at the very top it takes me to the Sept. 2006 page.

I tried getting there through the ADCHAM link and it takes me to the same Sept. 2006 page.

What's the right link??!!

That's the right link, you're browser is just recognizing an old version of the URL that has been stored on your computer's temporary files. Try to click the refresh or reload button on your internet browser.

Also, I know you're looking for it but the article on the taxonomy of Bradypodion, etc., isn't in this issue. There are a number of additional changes in press and I didn't want to add to the confusion by having to post another summary in the next issue.

Thanks Chris! It works now.

I didn't expect that the taxonomy of Bradypodion, etc. would have been in this issue. Its much better IMHO to wait until things are settled with it so that there won't be confusion with it!

Now...I'm going to read the e-zine! :)
Hi Chris,

Glad to see an updated Calcium article! Maybe consider one on the Vit A controversy (beta carotene vs preformed) in a future issue. I have certainly learned much lately due to Cyrus' eye problem (still unsolved) but a lot of conflicting info out there. It would be great to have a current reference (well, as current as the research is, as I know there is still no definitive answers).

I am SO jealous of those who live in an area where they can have the DIY outdoor setup - look fantastic!

Still suggest a searchable Q&A. I know I have read one on a certain subject but then have to go back and look thru every issue to find it.

OK, enough! lol! I'll go actually read and vote :)


Thanks for the comments and suggestion. Brandy is working on a new design for the next issue which will include a search function. We're all really excited with the new design and I was really hoping to have it ready for this issue but getting everything ready for some of the new functions was just too much for this issue.

I will definitely look into a Vit. A article as I agree, it would be very useful.

Thanks y'all

Hey Y'all,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Though the article is kinda dry, I had a lot of fun writing it.

Talk to you later,
MWheelock...its a very good article....and not dry to those of us who are interested! Looking forward to the next "chapter"!

It was good to be able to finally put a face with the name too!

Thanks to everyone involved for another excellent issue. Each article was fresh, well written, and educational.
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