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Hi guys, finally got my chameleon today, hes a male veilid only a baby though, just wondering if theres any tips for setteling him in hes ok at the minute just wondering if u guys have got any comments on what i should and shouldnt do.
Also he keeps on shuttin 1 eye probraly just me worrying but is that normal.
Thanx guys aaron x
Congrats! About the eye, what type of lighting are you using for him? He may have scraped an eye against the cage or in transit, butbitncould also be too powerful lights.
I would not try to handle him for a few weeks or so. Let him get good and settled in. you could try hand feeding a cricket or worm to maybe get him associated that your hand is a good thing and not something that is going to harm him or eat him!!!! How old is your cham and did he come to you with his eye closed?
Thanx for the advice again guys, try changing the light this morning and he isnt shutting his eye and is feeding from my hand and a cup, drinks well and is pooing aswell.
Thanx again aaron
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