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Hi There,

I'm from Toronto, Ontario and just last week I purchased my first chameleon on a bit of a whim. I have always wanted a chameleon but never really knew where to buy one and kind of assumed they were only available to see at the zoo. I have a young fischer chameleon. Being that I work on a golf course I am able to easily keep a fresh supply of plant material. (I have studied botany, arboriculture so I am aware of scouting for mites and other disease pests that could be harmful to the chameleon) I have just begun to notice how picky chameleons can be with their diet. When I first bought "Carl" I had about a dozen or so crickets for him to eat. I think just about all of them jumped into the drip dish and drowned. He then didnt eat the last few crickets. I then bought some meal worms and he gobbled those up.. about 6 or 7 in an hour. He now doesn't like eating the mealworms so I got some yellow webworms? I think and he doesn't seem to like those either. I'm going to try something new tomorrow.
I will try to get some good quality pics soon so hopefully some knowledgeable owners here can give me some advice on how his overall health looks. I'd love to hear some advice


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First off, welcome to the forums.

I have some pointers for you. I'm glad you've decided to get a wonderful species of chameleon, the fischers.


However, these usually are more sensitive to your mistakes, so be sure you have your setup correct before doing anything else.

Please have a look at these sheets. They cover almost all the information you need to know while caring for your chameleon.

Your enclosure should eventually look something like this if you want to provide an ideal habitat for your chameleon





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