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Hi i just got a new male veiled chameleon. For it size y assume it is aprox 4 month old. I have his cage outside in my backyard it is very strong so predators dosnt worry me. but could it be okay if it gets the all rain? or should i cover the top of the cage or atleast half of it. also since it arrived it have been like trying to get out of the cage in the bottom or in the top of the cage. it has allot of plants in there. 2 large ficus, one palm tree and a phottos. will this behavior stop when he get used to the cage?
Ya he is probably just nervous. You have to remember he sees all sorts of other cover and even birds flying by may spook him so he is probably trying to seek more cover since he is not accustomed to outdoor living. Once he adjusts and realises he is safe he should settle down. I hope you live in the appropriate climate, and definantely make him some sheltered area so he can get out of the rain/heat when he needs to. Also make sure you mist him regularly ecspecially if its hot outside.
i live in puerto rico, so is warm all year round. when he got home i misted him for like 15 minutes. i will try to find something to cover the top of his cage. he can get sun and some rain from the sides of the cage.
Sounds good just keep up with the mistings so he doesn't get dehydrated and you should have a healthy cham.
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