New cham owner jitters!


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Everyone on here is awesome! Next question than because the guys at the pet store have no idea what there talking about apparently no longer asking questions there haha . So the t5 fixture I bought one to span the length of the enclosure so 36in this is the best option correct ? been using cham academy alot and the say ideally to use an arcadia 12% at 6 inches above the enclosure or would you recommend the 6% right on the screen ?
Honestly, I would do the 12% in the raised fixture because I don’t like the idea of risking any burns if my chameleon decides to climb the screen on the ceiling, which has happened when a fly got in my room and was attracted to the light. Just make sure to give the full 12” distance, unless you have a montane maybe 10” would be fine. If you have a multibulb fixture the distance will be 7” ☺️
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