New Carpet Chameleons


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I bought a pair of carpet chameleons today, the female appears to be gravid, plump with lumps. I have only had veileds before, never bred them. The colors on these carpets are amazing, in the store the female was bright orange and white on black, in the box it was completely black, and now that its sleeping it is light orange and white all over. The male stays mostly green, but has blues on its eyes and blue stripes on its tail. Its just to bad their life expectancy is so low. Ill get pictures up as soon as I can.
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no I didnt, thanks for the link, they are cb, so I got lucky there, I also have the pro mister, and a "big dripper" for both their enclosures, so they are adequately hydrated, lots of live plants, as well as some fake plants. Reading that gravid females have a high mortality rate worries me, Ill have to keep an eye on her. Here are 2 pics of her, does she look gravid to you?

She is a pretty girl. I wouldnt bet the farm on the fact they are CB -especially coming from a "store" ... and being fully grown ... and being possibly gravid. She does look a bit plump and those colors indicate that she may be receptive. From my experiences with my female carpet, once they have been bred, they keep laying eggs. I have three clutches incubating right now and every clutch was layed 2 months apart from one another - almost to the day.

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