New Cages

Very nicely decorated cages. They look good. I hope that in your smashing and bashing on that wood that you used silicone or something to help protect the wood? Or, is all the water running into the trashcan?

Maybe it's the picture....but, your UVB light looks a little far away to me.
those rays only travel a few inches.
Otherwise looks really great!

Very nice start. You’ve got to get a larger UV fixture/bulb (the width of both cages) and get it right on those cages – or suspend it an inch or two off the top. It’s too far away and if that’s a 5.0 bulb then its UV range is only effective within 12” of the bulb – so basically your girls aren’t getting much of any UV at that distance. The heat bulbs need to be much closer too – they look like household incandescent which is fine but they are too far away to offer a good basking area. I would consider checking out the Philips Duramax spot bulbs – they will have a focused beam of light, are cheap, usually last longer then “pet” bulbs and do a great job for me. Do you have a digital thermometer with an external probe?

Where did you buy your cages from?
I need to get one for Kitty's vacation home (when we're out of town and
he's at his babysitter's)
His 7 foot enclosure at home is not something that is possible to transport and our housesitter is uncomfortable being responsible for him.
Plus she has bug-phobia.
The dimensions of yours are perfect!

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