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My new 24 ×24 × 48 reptibreeze screen cage just got here! So i wanted to make this post to get help and tips along the way. my main concern is humidity. i live in virginia so during the summer its not much of an issue but itll be winter soon. people on here told me to use shower curtain but i was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? preferably something that would look better and id still be able to tie things yo the wall?


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I live in Maryland. I use pothos and mist 1x a day and it stays humid enough (I forget what % off hand) for my panthers. My house does tend to be more humid than most I think. Not sure why... Corrugated plastic would look better than a shower curtain. you can get it at a sign printer.

For tying things I use fishing line... I think it is like 20 pound test that I used. I also use magnets. you can get the clip kind at the dollar tree (4 pack) or at walmart. I use a steel washer on the outside.


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@NickTide thats a good idea about the washers and magnets!
You could get bamboo fencing from Lowe’s or Home Depot in the garden section or see if your local plant nursery have coco fiber sheets that are About little more than an 1 1/2 inches thick. The plastic that’s white you can get to make signs is also an idea but I’ve never seen it in 24x24x48 precut..Or you could get some plexiglass that is thick enough to stand up and have the hardware store cut it to fit your enclosure panels. Plexiglass will retain more humidity longer if you do the right panel and the left panel. And depending on how low the humidity is you could do the back panel as well but you need to see how it does with heat as well with the lights you have on there to see how much heat is increased if all 3 sides are done with plexiglass. If you like the plexiglass idea kind of pricey but you can use it over and over. If you decide that route I would get it cut you’re exact size of the panels and use magnetic tape on the corners and the magnetic tape usually is sticky on one side. If you go with the bamboo fencing you’ll have to tighten up the bamboo sticks with little or no spacing between them and cut the fencing to the enclosures panel size as well. And as @NickTide said pothos or real plants do wonders for keeping the humidity up. Just a few options I thought I would put out there. Hope this helps...


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I put my 24x24x48 screen cage on a wire shelving unit and wrap the back and sides with tarp. I secure it with zip ties to the posts. I have a section that covers the front that drops down from the top for when my cham sleeps and I'm still awake and don't want to keep him up with the light. I use 2 umbrellas and 2 ficus plants, the bigger in the back and the smaller up front. 20181011_220750.jpg
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