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Hey, I have a 4 Month old male panther, he’s in a 3 ft tank now but I plan to construct my own tank at the end of the year when he grows out of this one.
I have created a plan I want you all to look at and give me your opinions on.

Main question is: is the ventilation going to be sufficient.



Melamine does quite poorly with high humidity and wetness, and especially misting which combines both. You would be better to do something like that with plastic.

Also, aluminum mesh isn't the best screening to use as it can tear claws very easily. Nylon and other softer materials can give more resistance to nail injuries, and there are several sources for different types available to you. (links to follow).

Here is a photo of my some of my incomplete cages.

As far as ventalaition being sufficient, are you living in a climate where it is very dry? if you have decent relative humidity like florida or california, etc, you will most likely not need solid walls asside from the back wall maybe. If you are in canada like me, then the solid walls is a lifesaver.
An inexpensive, lightweight plastic to consider using for caging is corrugated plastic. It does require a frame... think cardboard, but made out of plastic. I recently got some from Port Plastic for an incredible price. They even cut it to the size I needed, and shipping was very reasonable. Nice people, too.

On the subject of melamine, I decided to be handy (ahemm.. cheap.. ) with one of my leaf chameleon enclosures and built it out of melamine with a plexiglass front. I liked the way it turned out, especially considering that my carpentry skills are really not exceptional. Unfortunately, like Will said, the melamine has not held up to the constant misting and humidity. Although I still use it on occasion, I retired it from every day use.

That's intense... I used PVC piping and black screen. It comes off the glass bottom to double as an outdoor sun cage.
My concern with your cage is... is it open air enough?
I really like that you are getting into this like I am right now. I'm building another really huge cage for the living room area because my veiled is growing so fast and BIG!
FaunaBgirl, it sure is. The 100W MV bulbs overhead will draw the air up through the front door and out the top and rear mesh. It really is the only way when your relative humidity is 0% for half the year. I don't have to dry off after showers to put it in lamens.

I'm doing a write up similar to how the last was done here:
DIY Versatile Cage Designs By Chris Anderson

Until then, Ill try to grab a photo or two for you.


ok sorry for the delayed reply, ive had an op on my finger and havent been able to use the pc :-(

would plywood be ok to use as long as it was stained? i want to use wood as my preference- what stains are safe also???

i was gonna get ally mesh/fiberglass mesh with bigger holes so as to minimize claw damage because my concerns with cloth etc. is locust and crickets chewing through and general weakness/tearability.

thanks for your time and sorry again for the delays

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