New Cage for Ryker!


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Ok so after slowly collecting stuff for the new 2ftx2ftx4ft cage for two weeks I have finally been able to put it together. There is still some manzanita that needs to go in but otherwise it is up and ready 8D I will have pics up by tomorrow. I put the little man in and he sulked for about an hour, confused as to why he was in this cage and not HIS. But now he is exploring like crazy wandering happily. Wouldn't finish eating earlier but I expect it's just because he's a little stressed. I have to get a new automatic mister because like an idiot I had the mister underneath the basking light and melted the misting tube >.< oh well I learned from that experience XD.

I have noticed some screen climbing and am planning on putting up some gutter gaurd on the sides since that is where he climbs most. I will be doing that when he settles in a little bit. I am extremely happy with how it looks though I know it needs more horizontal branches so I will be adding the manzinita to add a little bit of more climbing space for him ^^ can't wait to show the pics but the lighting is horrible right now D8 tomorrow ^^
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