New cage design no doors


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Took different designs and made our own. It's 8' L x 2' D x 6' H made from 1x2, plastic sheeting, corrugated plastic, and we got a deal on linoleum so we used it for the back could have just used the plastic sheeting. this cage is very lite if it wasn't for it being 8' long one person could pick it up. When we get the new room built the plants will be planted in the bottom no more buckets for the bugs to hide in/under. the last pic is of Kali under his basking light.


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I can't enlarge the pictures to see them better, but what prevents a curious cham from wandering out the front since there aren't doors? I know my Oscar would be out and gone in a second if his cage didn't have a door...
the corrugated plastic on the front comes down about 8" and on the bottom it comes up 10" and the plastic walls keeps them from being able to climb out. I took that idea from Chameleon Company and the cage is from Chris Anderson I just used the smaller boards so it wouldn't weight so much.
see if these show it better. had it re-sized tooo small sorry


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That is awesome! I actually really like that, it's a much simpler idea than what I was considering building for my guys when I changed apartment and might not be able to free range them any more.
Is the floor just dirt? Are these cages in some sort of tent outside or something? It does look like a great, convenient idea. Nice job.
they are in what started as a green house until it became cold now it has walls but we left the plastic sheeting up because of the water, and the floor is sand the water drains out really quick when you have 8" of sand under the cage.
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