new cage and now she is not eating


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Me and my dad build a new cage for my veiled 18 month old cham...

the cage is slightly bigger then the one she is used to, The problem is she is going to lay her eggs in the next couple of days and the cage she was in could not take n 40cm sand bucked,

My problem is i notice when i got off work she did not eat at all, when i put meal worms or crickets in my hand she runs and eats 2 or 3 of them ... this is worrying me because this shows me she is not eating correctly..

what should i do?? i have moved her cricket bucked from the bottom and mount it in the middle of the cage between a few sticks... she always climb around there.

any idea why she is not eating?
If she's getting close to laying eggs she could be slowing down/stopping the eating because of that. Give her some privacy so she can lay the eggs in peace. Once she is digging do not let her see you watching her....she may abandon the hole and if it happens often enough, it could lead to eggbinding.
she does int go down to dig.... she keeps on stying at the middle of the cage..

will she eventually go down to see there is sand for her???
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