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Wanted to let you all know that I had a household of romance going on in my house today! Lancelot mated with one of my female Ambilobes (Guinevere), Calypso mated with one of my Ambanja females (Giselle), Cerulean who I have yet to put on my site that I'll show pictures of (a beautiful Nosy Be) mated with TWO of my female Nosy's (Sapphire and Hali)! I had a house of love going on! Oh! And Dulcinea (my Diego Suarez) laid eggs on Saturday, and a wc Ambilobe female of mine laid another 25 eggs on Saturday as well!

Call us The Prism Chameleon House of Love!! :D

Here are some photos of Calypso, my Ambanja who was going after Giselle to mate:


And another of Calypso, Prism Ambanja Breeder - All happy and proud :) :


And meet my new Nosy Be, Cerulean who mated with Sapphire and Hali:


Cerulean, New Nosy Be Prism Breeder:


Ahh, is there nothing sweeter than love and beautiful panthers to be? ;)
Nice! Congrats Jenna, they are gonna make some nice babies! Do you have a waiting list that I can be on for a male Ambanja baby? :p
WOW! Calypso is gargantuan! I had no clue they really got that big. How long is he snout to tip of tail?! I'm guessing he weighs a ton. Thanks,

He really did look gorgeous for his girl today. The turquoise was actually neon and the camera just didn't pick up the neon glare he had, and his bars were a dark royal blue. He is a huge chameleon. He's sleeping now after his exhausting day, but tomorrow I'll get him out and get a current measurement and weight for you. He eats right out of my hand, and gentle, despite that puffed up picture he was posing for... he had to look the tough proud man you know :p .

And sure Drake! I'll put you the first on the list for his babes :). You will have to send me an email though through my website so I can note it in my waiting lists. Of course, we have the 9 month incubation period to wait for first :( . Sometimes the wait is a terrible test on patience lol.

Pretty soon, I'll have babies everywhere! I can't wait.
Thanks Jenna, I'll E-mail you first thing tommorow! Im not rushing to get a new Cham yet, I need to build a new cage and what not, so I think the wait will be a good thing :D. I am sold now on a Ambanja now for sure thanks to those pics! :D
He's a beautiful choice Drake!

One more for you all, then I'm off to sleep myself... Been a long day in this household! ;)

Calypso, Prism Chameleon Breeder


Sweet dreams, from Calypso :)
Chamcham505 said:
WOW! Calypso is gargantuan! I had no clue they really got that big. How long is he snout to tip of tail?! I'm guessing he weighs a ton. Thanks,


Finally had a chance to weigh and measure Calypso today. It was hard though! He wouldn't stay put for the scale! lol... From what I could see he weighed between 150-160g and is about 18-19" total length.

He's a sweet and funny guy. Nice good size boy.
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